Why did my home not sell with the other agent?

Why did my home not sell with the other agent?

published on March 19, 2016 by KW Atlanta Partners

We have heard it many different ways- "my home didn't sell because my agent didn't show it." "My home didn't sell because the market isn't right." We could go on all day.
Folks, we are here to tell you- it takes three things to sell a home. Yes, three.

1. PRICE: If the price isn't right or "chasing" the market (above market value), its not going to sell.

2. MARKETING: If your previous agent walked in with their camera phone to take pictures you should have ripped up that agreement right then and there. Listing photos in today's market are taken by a REAL photographer. They show light and clarity not dark upside down photos. Think: when buying a car, if you see ugly photos, you keep scrolling right? Same thing here- our job is to make your house so inviting that people are lined up by the door to get in. And we do just that.

3. EXPERIENCE: A knowledgable Realtor who is seasoned in the business. Let us reiterate- your cousins friend who's a "part time" agent is not the best option. Would you want a "part-time" pilot or doctor? We think not! Why risk your biggest investment to a "part-timer"?

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